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What is Asset Reconnaissance International?

ARI is a company of experienced As-Built Surveyors that travel across North America to measure and document onsite conditions for buildings that are being renovated.  We provide a variety of complimentary services, such as 360° Spherical Photography, Google Streetview publishing and support, 3D Revit Surveying, Live Translation, and just about anything that can help our clients work effectively abroad. 

We measure stores that are being renovated.  We verify the area of buildings that are being sold.  We document HVAC ductwork.  We measure schools for capital planning analysis.  We survey rooftops for solar panel design.  We get the information you need to save you money.

Our product is accuracy, completeness, and consistency.  Our business model is trust.  We know the price of bad information.  We know the price of re-visiting a site.  Or so we've been told; we get everything you need right in one visit.

See our Services for more information, read our blog, or give us a call.  We'd love to hear from you.

Ben Sagle - President


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