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ARI is for Food Service.

Restaurant projects demand both detail and accuracy, and can involve every aspect of the built form and building systems. 


Renovating the dining area?  You'll need accurate drawings of existing millwork, MEP layout, and perhaps a Reflected Ceiling Plan.  Changing the Drive-Thru?  You'll need a reliable Site Plan.  Re-cladding the exterior?  You'll need elevations and maybe a few building sections.  Does the existing equipment need to be replaced?  You'll need an Audit.  Adding new kitchen equipment?  You'll need to know the capacity of the current electrical equipment.  Maybe you'll need to move or re-route vent ducts, so you'll need someone to look above the ceiling.  And on the roof.  ARI does all of these things; we do them often and we do them well.

Whether it's a new or existing location, we can gather every detail about the building and it's systems accurately, and consistently.


- We have engaged ARI on a number of projects where it may not be feasible to have one of our own document
and verify existing base building services and dimensions. The level of detail and thoroughness ARI brings to a
project is invaluable as it provides us with a complete and detailed snapshot of an existing building envelope. And
with the range of services offered by ARI, it allows us to customize our needs based on our clients’ budgetary
constraints. Delivering this information in one trip allows us to further concentrate and focus on the best designs
we can deliver to our clients.

Paul Volk - BID Interior Design,


Senior Designer - Jump Branding & Design

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